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Maintain a Healthy Mind with Counseling for Therapists


Pursuing a career in therapy can be extremely rewarding, especially as we help people navigate through some of life’s toughest moments.  However, despite our expertise as therapists, we all experience struggles that require a guiding hand to help us maintain healthy work-lives, personal lives, and minds.  As therapists, we are good at being present for others, but sometimes, we may not know how to be there for ourselves when we face personal challenges, and we may struggle to embody the techniques we teach.

Therapists can experience mental health issues, such as depression, grief, anxiety, vicarious trauma, and fatigue.  Life brings changes for everyone, including therapists, and sometimes, despite your knowledge, skills, and experience in therapy, confronting inner turmoil can be a difficult task to take on alone.  Therapy for therapists can give you the help you need to get back up on your feet.  Although it can be a difficult realization to make, choosing to seek therapy can provide you with greater insights towards yourself and your career while providing the support you need to navigate personal challenges.

Therapists who have been in practice for years may experience a range of challenges that call for a new perspective, spanning from burnout, loss of satisfaction and drive in their work, or struggling to find the right approach for unique client cases.  With clinical supervision, I give therapists the chance to add another layer of analysis to their approach.  I offer insights, advice, and an open line of communication to help work through cases and resolve the best way to help your clients.

Everyone Experiences Challenges, Even Therapists


Therapy for Therapists

As therapists, it can be hard to admit when we need help.  This can be especially true when ego or identity is attached to our profession.  However, you can’t allow yourself to be stretched too thin.  Realizing that you’re not in this alone can help you find the support you need to confront conflict in your life, whether it be in the form of depression, anxiety, grief, or other traumas.

Therapy for therapists works the same as it works for clients, and it usually helps therapists become stronger and more compassionate in their practice.  Often, we can limit our views, perspectives, and feelings when it comes to our own lives, but seeking another perspective can help us develop a greater awareness of ourselves and our approach to therapy.  In my counseling sessions for therapists, I offer a compassionate, humanistic environment for all of my clients.  We’ll work towards self-acceptance in an attempt to deconstruct your ego or any myths surrounding challenges that you’re experiencing.  Preconceived notions about ourselves or the nature of therapy can hinder us from making progress and growth, both personally and professionally.  Often, we can be our own worst critic.  However, therapy can provide a working space to develop ways to move forward and find a plan of action that’s true to you.

If you’re uncomfortable by your own personal mental health challenges, it would be perfectly natural for you to try to handle these emotions on your own.  However, despite the bruising your pride may take, your mental well-being should be a top priority.  If you’re experiencing personal turmoil, such as symptoms of depression, anxiety, grief, or fatigue, they could easily affect your quality of life, your practice, and your relationships with others.  Seeking therapy isn’t an admittance of being bad at your job, nor is it a thing to be ashamed of.  With the right support, counseling for therapists can be a route to better mental health, satisfaction, and new possibilities in life.

Counseling Supervision

For therapists who need consultation, clinical supervision can help you develop a deeper understanding of your practice, create a more efficient work approach, and ensure the quality of your care.  A supervisor that cares as much about you as they do about your patients will hold you accountable for maintaining balance in your life and respecting your boundaries.

It’s not uncommon to lose the passion you once had as a working therapist.  This is especially true in our fast-paced, labor-oriented society where working long hours is becoming more accepted and part of the norm.  Or perhaps specific cases pose unique obstacles that require another perspective.  Therapy isn’t a field that’s often filled with coworkers, and seeking consultation for difficult cases isn’t as easy as turning to the person beside you.  My consultation services are completely ethical and under confidentiality, so I can help you navigate the intricacies of your caseload.

During our sessions, I’ll help you address more challenging cases and provide a network of support for any questions or concerns you may have in regard to your practice.  As we continue to work together, we’ll focus on taking the necessary steps towards improving your current practice.  That includes finding new, useful modalities and techniques, cultivating a patient-friendly space, or even helping with specializing, marketing, and other parts of building a successful business.

Clinical supervision provides therapists a helping hand when they feel like they’re feeling overwhelmed.  Having someone to hold you accountable, provide another perspective on cases, or help you balance the legal and ethical responsibilities of therapy can be of tremendous comfort, ensuring you stay focused and work within your limits so you can provide your patients the care and compassion that they deserve.  I’ve been offering consulting and therapeutic services to therapists since 2011.  Whatever your needs are, I’m confident that I can help you reach a place in your career that’s exciting, challenging, and rewarding for you.

Get the Help and Support You Need

If you’re a therapist who requires therapy or is having trouble with a case, I can help you find the next step on your path. If you have questions about my services, I’m happy to address them during a free, 15-minute consultation.  Give me a call at 727-480-2427!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

– Mahatma Ghandi


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